Criminal Defense

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Drug Offenses

Pennsylvania law carries stiff penalties for drug offenses, and unless you have a good defense attorney, you can expect to be prosecuted  and possibly convicted. 

If you or a family member have been charged with the use, possession, or selling of illegal drugs or controlled substances, I can help you. As your attorney, I will protect your rights and build a strong legal defense and strategy to vigorously defend you against all drug-related charges.

Many drug-related cases fall apart under careful legal scrutiny. For example, evidence obtained may be the result of an illegal search or seizure. I examine every part of the police and prosecution’s case against you and to assess if your rights have been violated. I will seek to suppress evidence, dismissal of charges not supported by probable cause and will take other measures to vigorously defend you.

As a skilled trial lawyer, I will advise you on plea offers and will negotiate with the prosecution on your behalf, but I will also be completely prepared to take your case to trial, if necessary, to defend you.

Without strong representation, those charged can face substantial sentences and penalties when dealing with any of the following drug offenses in Pennsylvania:

  • Using, possessing or selling illegal drugs

  • Transporting illegal drugs

  • Possessing drug paraphernalia

  • Manufacturing illegal drugs or controlled substances

I have successfully represented clients in Pennsylvania who have been charged with a range of drug offenses. If you are facing charges of illegal possession of drugs or drug paraphernailia, using illegal drug, selling drugs, manufacturing drugs or transporting drugs, plese don’t hesitate to contact me or call 215-277-1950 for a free consultation.