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Today, more and more people have experienced the threat of  foreclosure, due to credit problems or legal issues. Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy allows people in certain situations to start over keeping their assets and wiping the slate clean. Specifically, filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can:I assist clients with Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings, to help them consolidate debt and obtain debt relief under the law.

  • Clear all debt
  • Prevent eviction
  • Stop creditors from harrassing you
  • Stop wages from being garnished
  • Stop foreclosure
  • Help you keep your car and home

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is an alternative for those who have incomes that prohibit them from filing Chapter 7.  In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you pay some of your debts back, and can catch up on payments negotiated with creditors, so you can retain your house, car or other assets while debts are settled or negotiated on your behalf with your debtors.

Whether you are interested in filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, I will work with you to ensure the proper filings are made so that creditors can no longer call you, try to sue you, or engage in any collections activity against you.

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